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Where to next? Porto of course!

International travel may be temporarily off the menu

But, as Portugal slowly reopens the economy, nothing is stopping us from planning the next adventure. After all, it is important to have something to look forward to in times like these, and trip planning can be a wonderful task and cheer you up.

So why don’t you start creating your dream itinerary with things you want to see and do in Porto once it’s safe to travel again? We’ve pulled together some ideas to help you out.

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip? There’s no better way to get it than with “Parts Unknown”. “Parts Unknown” offers as much travel and cuisine as philosophy and it is always a good idea to rewatch Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” in Porto in these times of reflection.

A very fond memory of our foodie adventures while hosting Anthony Bourdain in Porto.

Taste Porto co-founder, André, had the pleasure to share some local tips about our beloved Porto on “Destination: Eat Drink” podcast on Radio Misfits (be sure to listen to this Porto podcast here). It might help you give shape to your next trip:

Podcast about Porto Portugal

We’ve put together an exclusive free guide to eating in Porto where we share some of Porto’s best off-beat gems. Taste Porto has been featured on The Guardian, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, so trust us when we say this isn’t another generic “free guide to eating in Porto”. Find our free guide to eating in Porto here and let us know if you need more tips about our beloved city.

We have a team of fantastic tour guides and we asked all of them to share with you some of their favorite places in Porto. So that when you arrive here you have a few places to visit just before you join one of our Food Tours.

Sunny regards from Porto,
Taste Porto Team

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