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Our Story

First mentioned in passing over a holiday dinner among friends, Taste Porto Food Tours has grown from its humble beginnings into what it is today.

Partnering two Porto natives and one American, the three forged ahead with the business idea that combines their love of Porto with their second love, the cuisine of Porto.

Avid travelers, taste testers, at home chefs, and cultural explorers the team realized that what they valued most from their travels was the opportunity to meet locals and see the city through their eyes. And so it was unanimously decided that Taste Porto Food Tours would do exactly that, allow people to taste the real Porto.

Taste Porto Food Tours founders

The three friends that created Taste Porto

Meet The Founder(s)

andre guide tour

André Apolinário

André was born and raised in Porto and is a proud lover of Porto’s food and football team.
He sees each tour as an opportunity to show people all the beauty of Porto, which he does through a combination of facts, memories, and personal, everyday experiences. You will be challenged not to catch his infectious love of the city’s cuisine, one of the best in the world according to him.

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Miguel David

Miguel was born in downtown Porto, lived most of his life across the river and then once he started working as an IT Engineer he also discovered his passion for traveling. He has lived and worked in Porto (PT), Rome (IT), Split (HR), London (UK), Washington DC (USA). He believes the world can be a better place and a good way to start is with food.

carly taste porto

Carly Petracco

Carly was born in the US, the sunshine state of Florida to be exact, but now calls Porto her home. A lover of the sea, literature, and time with friends, Carly proudly proclaims that she could live anywhere in the world, but she chooses Porto for its people, its beauty and most importantly, its food.

Meet The Team and our Local Tour Guides!

Sandra Jekabsone

Customer Service Chef

Originally from Latvia, Sandra has loved Porto since her first trip here years ago. She enjoys the unique tastes of Porto teasing her taste buds, board games and great company to share experiences.

ricardo taste porto

Ricardo Brochado

Senior Tour Guide

Ricardo is a retired archeologist that was tired of eating dirt. He joined Taste Porto and lived happily ever after, surrounded by food and wine!

Sérgio Costa

Senior Tour Guide

A vinyl and cinema enthusiast addicted to flavors, ranging from curated meats to cheese, wine, and desserts, Sérgio wears many hats other than guiding you through Porto's food!

Maria Nicolau

Senior Tour Guide

Born and raised in Porto, Maria could not be a bigger fan. With her, enjoying the city and its food is not an option... she will make you feel at home the moment you sit down and start Tasting Porto.

Joana Tomé

Tour Guide

Joana has traveled half the world to transform herself from archaeologist to tour guide. Her love of Porto, its food and heritage led her to Taste Porto. Her motto is love, pray and eat crackling.

Miguel Lestre

Tour Guide

A musician and food aficionado, Miguel is also in love with Porto, its hidden gems and stories. He is nothing less than happy to share his city's secrets with you.

Taste Porto Local Guide

Ana Rita Roldão

Tour Guide

Porto born and raised designer/illustrator, who is inspired by Porto’s beautiful shapes and colors. Riding her scooter up Porto’s steep hills is probably one of her favorite things in the whole world.

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