Essência do Gourmet – Food fest in Porto

If in one place you could find wine and beer producers, fine pastries, chocolate,  cookies, honey, jams, tea, traditional sausages and smoked meat from all over Portugal and showcooking led by some of the best portuguese chefs and six restaurants with tasting menus, would that sound good?

Of course it does. So, from December 4th until the 14th in #AvenidadosAliados there’s an event taking place called #EssênciadoGourmet where you can access to all of this.

I will be going there, that’s for sure! “What for?” might you ask. Well, so many things to try and so little time… To start it I will try Letra (a traditional beer), some traditional sausages by Casa da Prisca and will enjoy one of the tasting menus at “Adega São Nicolau” (one of my favourite seafood restaurants in Porto). And ‘ll go from there.

Stay tuned to our blog and facebook (and other social media) since I’ll be posting photos!

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