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Hoscars were announced!

The Hoscars (Oscars for hostels by Hostelworld) have been announced and Portugal is under the spotlight. A lot of hostels from Portugal were highly ranked and some even won a Hoscar.

Like the “Yes Hostel Porto” who won the Hoscar for safest hostel in the world!!! Concerning the best hostel in Europe, the award went to Lisbon, to “Home Lisbon Hostel” and “Yes Lisbon Hostel” was runners up.

But that’s not all! “Yes Porto Hostel” was ranked #6 in the category of Best Small Hostel in the World. Considering medium hostels, the top 6 in the world are all in Portugal, being #3 the “Tattva Design Hostel” in Porto.

Uau! Wouldn’t you say?

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