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How to sound like a local in Porto?

If you want to sound like a true Portuense, you must learn the local slangs.

In Porto, there’s a popular expression or a Portuguese saying applied to any situation. So if you want to sound like a Tripeiro – a true Portuense – you must learn the local slangs. And let us warn you: Porto has tons of it. Today we’ve decided to share with you 10 very typical Portuguese expressions so that you can sound more like a local when you visit Porto again. Take note!

1. Don’t ask for a beer, ask for a fino (25cl glass of beer).

Porto Portugal

2. Don’t ask for a digestive to assist you with the digestion of a Portuguese meal, ask for aguardente or xiripiti.


3. Don’t ask for a coffee, ask for a Cimbalino.


4. Don’t tell your friend that he/she has a bad taste in style, call him/her Azeiteiro right away.

5. Don’t say you’ll throw up (after drinking too many “finos” perhaps?), say you will call Gregório (“chamar o Gregório” in portuguese).

Portuguese Beer

6. Don’t say someone is stupid, call him/her Morcão.

7. Don’t order a glass of Port wine with your dinner. We’re proud of our sweet wine, but we savor it with dessert. So change your order to a Douro wine or Vinho Verde.
Here you can find our co-founder’s suggestions. Enjoy!

Portuguese Wine

8. It’s also very important to keep in mind that the Portuguese are food-obsessed and that the Portuguese language is full of funny words and sayings that prove exactly that. For example: “Head of old garlic” (“cabeça de alho chocho” in portuguese). We use it when we want to say that a person is distracted and that his/her head is “in the clouds”. Everybody has a “head of old garlic” in their life, right?

Portuguese expressions

9. “To be with olive oils”. A Portuguese is not “annoyed or upset about something”, he/she is “with olive oils” (“está com os azeites” in portuguese).

Portuguese expressions

10. To finish it off, don’t call a local “Portuense”, call him/her “Tripeiro”. There are many stories (some true, some not) about why people from Porto are called “Tripeiros”, but one thing is for sure: it comes from tripe, a traditional dish from Porto. It’s almost a foodie crime to visit Porto and not taste its namesake dish, so be sure to give it a try! By the way, did you know that this month of May we celebrate nothing less than 605 years of the presence of tripe as a dish in Porto? Hell yeah!

Portuguese expressions

When the time is right, we’ll be here to welcome you and teach you some more facts about Porto and the Portuguese language. Until then, stay safe!

PS: Don’t use these Portuguese expressions in Lisbon! People may think you are being rude!

Yours truly,
Taste Porto Team

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