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Portuguese wines win gold medals at IWC

cropped-IMG_3501.jpgThe IWC (International Wine Challenge) is a well-respected wine competition that has over 30 editions. On this last one, just a few weeks ago, Portuguese wines have won nothing less than 60 gold medals (!) during the competition.

Port wine was an obvious winner with 34 of these from houses like Barros, Burmester, Calém and Kopke.

The blind tastings occurred in London, UK over two weeks with each wine having been tasted at least twice.

Here is a summary:
Port – 34 gold medals
Alentejo wines – 6 gold medals
Madeira wines – 6 gold medals
Douro wines – 5 gold medals
Dão wines – 5 gold medals
Moscatel wines – 2 gold medals
Vinho verde – 1 gold medal

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iwc 2016 rob lawson

Photo by Rob Lawson


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