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Most Read Blog Posts of 2016

As another year ends and as we start 2017 we bring you a roundup of the most read blog posts of this year. You might remember some of these from our Facebook feed or even from reading them here, nevertheless they are all classics.

One of the top all-time blog posts we have is The Portuguese Swallow. If you have been to Porto you have probably seen this ornament displayed in storefronts or even decorating restaurant walls. Click the link above to read more about what it symbolizes.

andorinha portuguese swallow

The Portuguese Swallow

Another blog post that has been read and shared plenty is the one about our top choice for cafes in Porto. Coffee is a tradition in Portugal and so cafes and pastry shops exist on almost every street. This means, of course, there’s a lot of places to choose from, but also that there’s room for selection.

cafe guarany

Cafe Guarany, in Aliados Avenue

Two other blog posts that have been trending are the ones about Porto being the best place for a winter break and plans for New Year’s Eve in the city. Porto has been growing and a lot of new businesses are now focused not only on the locals but also the tourists coming to the city. Where once was a city that had little to offer during the winter months, is now a city that always has something happening. Since more people are deciding to take winter breaks in Europe, Porto has also become part of the winter route of many of travelers.

fireworks-new years

Last, but not least of our most-read blog posts of 2016 is an article about our endeavor to find the best bifana in the city. If you don’t know what a bifana is, or if you do but want to know more about our adventure on sandwich land, give it a look.

conga bifana



We are planning more awesome content for 2017 and we, at Taste Porto, wish you a wonderful – and yummy – new year!


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