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Where to find Portuguese wine in London

Miguel with Portuguese wine

So, you’ve been to Portugal this year and you were surprised that there was more to it than Port… 🙂
Portugal has been winning quite a few awards on its wines. Despite being a small country, Portugal has a very interesting variety of wines. From the untranslatable “vinho verde” – a fresh fruity wine from the north – to the wines from the demarcated region of Douro (where Port also comes from), to wines from the warmer and flatter Alentejo region in the south; Portugal has enough variety (with quality) to please all wine preferences. You like sweet, fortified wines? Port and Madeira will do the trick. You prefer “big” wines like the French ones? Try a red from Douro or Dão. You like rounder full-bodied wines with less of a tannin feeling? Go for Alentejo!
All this said, you’re back in London and would like some more of that wine you loved during your holiday.
Here are a couple of places I know of that sell some Portuguese wine here in London:
A Portuguese Love Affair – originally a gift shop with Portuguese products, it now sells food and wine as well.
Supermercado Portugal – If you prefer to order online and get it delivered, this is a good option for a range of Portuguese products.



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