Top 5 Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Porto

Are you going to be in Porto during Valentine’s Day and would like to surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner? Worry not! We thought of you and made a list of the top 5 restaurants for a romantic dinner in Porto. That said, these locations are romantic year round so no need to only visit them in February!

Please note that given the rising popularity of Valentine’s Day in Porto, you will definitely need to book in advance at all of these places. Enjoy!


Flor dos Congregados

This lovely restaurant has everything to give you an intimate Valentine’s dinner. Given its location – on a discrete alley close to the main avenue of Porto – and its small yet cozy dining rooms, you will almost feel as if you were having a romantic dinner at home. They have traditional Portuguese dishes, a nice selection of Portuguese wines and even have a piano for customers to play, should a romantic moment inspire you. What else could you ask for?

scale flor congregados

Address: Travessa dos Congregados, 11
Contact: +351 222 002 822



If you choose to go with Camafeu you will be taken away from reality to embrace a dream from the nineteenth century… At least, this is how I feel when I go there! This charming restaurant, where all the typical noise of a restaurant has no place, has impeccable service and delicious Portuguese food. It is on the expensive side, but definitely worth it.


Address: Praça Carlos Alberto, 83 – 1.º
Contact: +351 937 493 557



LSD opened not long ago to quickly win the hearts and stomachs of Porto’s inhabitants. Due to the intimate decoration, in light grey and beige tones, the impeccable service, and the always surprising menu, it is an ideal place for a romantic dinner. Moreover, it is very close to Dom Luís Bridge, where you enjoy an after dinner stroll with a romantic view over the Douro river.


Address: Largo de São Domingos 78, Porto
Contact: +351 910 298 589 / +351 223 231 268


Frida – Cocina Mestiza

You might be in Porto, but that does not necessarily mean that you want to have a Portuguese dinner and for that reason (and more!) Frida, a fine Mexican restaurant, is on my list. From the décor, that combines contemporary lines with images from the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and old newspapers; to the sophisticated Mexican dishes, there is virtually no excuse for a bad night.


Address: Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, 135
Contact: +351 226 062 286



I did not want vegetarians to feel excluded from such a beautiful festivity, therefore, I include a vegetarian restaurant that also has healthy meat and fish options. Essência, a lovely restaurant in an ancient building, has a creative, well-balanced menu that will please people with all types of dietary needs.


Address: Rua Pedro Hispano, 1190
Contact: +351 228 301 813

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